Soft Stadium Seating / Auditorium Chair Seat

Blow Mounted Stadium Seat Installation
Aluminum alloy mobile stand
Soft Stadium Seating / Auditorium Chair Seat

1. Material of legs is steel with powder coating treatment

2. Foam of cushion: High rebound stereotypes of cold foam sponge, the density of  foam reach 35-50kg/m3.

3. Fabrics: hemp soft cloth, Flame retardant  abrasion resistant, resistance to soiling, antistatic, resistant to fading, resistant to transmutation, and comfortable.

4. Rebound structure: damping design, reset exactly, Low noise, noise Level: ≤ 20decibel.

5. Arm frame: Q235 steel welded molding, Pickling treatment by electrostatic spray forming.

6. Arm: beech wood arm, The surface of arm is very smooth, Feel comfortable.

7. Writing Pad: it is cryptic word padding in right arm or  on the backboard. Easy to use.

Function Test
Seat-mat dead weight loading test
Seat back shaking test
Seat falling crash test
Seat automatic return test

Fabrics choice:





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