professional sports playground fence school sport court fence

Things to Consider When Installing Sports Fencing
Hongkang’s advantage tennis court fencing system
professional sports playground fence school sport court fence

mesh fence

As well as fences for playground facilities, we offer all types of sports facility fence to fit your sport court from 1m high spectator viewing barriers.The demand for sports railing has grown rapidly in recent years due to the amount of multi active games spaces being built at schools and leisure centres.

A lot of old tennis courts are being revamped and upgraded to where a variety of games and activities can be played in the one facility to help maximise the efficiency of your space. The multi use activity railing installed on these courts is a rebound fencing system. Rebound fencing is ideal for minimising deflection as well as offering a more durable and secure sports court fence.

The most popular type of sport facility fence we install is the 3m high sports rebound railings. This is typically manufactured from 6mm vertical wires and twin 8mm horizontals. The 1.2m high rebound system is approx 67x50mm with the remaining 1.8m 200x50mm. This specialist railing can easily be installed at 4m high or 5m high and all our fencing whether it be MUGA standard, sports rebound fencing design or even a small playground specification is galvanised and powder coated to any desired colour.

Detailed Images

mesh fence rolling

10 meter per rolling

height: 2-4 meter

mesh fence packing

woven bags

frame packing

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