Mechanically-adjusted basketball backstop

Electric-hydraulic basketball backstop
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HKF-1009 mechanically-adjusted basketball backstop is made up of base, front vertical arm, beam,back vertical arm, upper rod, head moving parts, backboard, hoop, bumper etc.


1.Backstop WeightAround 600kg
2.Dunk ImpactAround 320kg
3.Distance Between Backboard Lower Edge And Ground2900mm
4.Distance Between Hoop Top Edge And Ground3050mm
5.Backboard Size(Length X Width)1800x1050mm
6.Hoop Inner DiameterΦ450mm
7.Backboard MaterialHigh Intensity Safe Glass Backboard








To connect base and vertical arm with m16x40 hexagon bolt、φ16 flat washer、φ16 spring washer; use φ30 stainless steel shaft and snap spring to make beam and vertical arm connect together. Use M12X250 hexagon bolt、M12 nut、flat washer、spring washer to make back stay connect with beam; use M12X80 hexagon bolt、M12 nut、flat washer、spring washer to make back stay connect with base. It must add the balance weight not less than 500kgs when all finished installation

Use M10x30 cup head bolt to fix backboard support on backboard; Use M10x90  outer hexagon bolt & nut、flat washer and spring washer to make backboard、hoop and movable head parts connect together; Use upper link、anchor ear、M12x25 outer hexagon bolt、M10x30 bolt to connect backboard with main body; Use M12x40 head bolt to connect bumper bar with main body.

We can modify the hoop ‘s levelness through adjusting M16X50 jack bolt ; we can go to adjust the back stay to get the height between hoop and ground; to get the backboard’s levelness by adjusting upper link.after finished all,we must lock the bumper bar before use.


You must read the instruction carefully before installation. The ground must meet the need of installation,and install strictly according to the instruction.
★ You should read the instruction and signboard on the equipment carefully before use.
★ You feel uncomfortable conditions happen when use.please stop use immediately and ask for doctor’s help.
★ For the use safety’s sake,you should wear sportswear when use this equipment.
★ The use of the unit should work out corresponding management and maintenance rule
★ If find abnormal situation,please contact us immediately. You can not use the backstop until the problems are solved
★ When there are something wrong with this equipment,it must be repaired by professionals
★ Please use this equipment as per the instruction strictly. If not ,it maybe not good for you health.


★ The management unit of park 、greenbelt、 square 、 other public places and residential areas should clear the person who will be responsible for the management and maintenance of installed equipment in public places and residential areas.
★ when buy equipments by procurement or use of unit,it should conduct risk assessment with the supplier together to ensure the installed equipments to match with management and environment.
★Installed equipments should be checked by use of the unit and related manufacturers or distributors together. It can be used when qualified only.
★ The use of the unit should have trained staff members. The managers shloud have relevant basic common sense and management knowledge,such as : equipment brand、name、function、application scope、service life、correct use way、General mechanical electrical knowledge、related attention and safety warnings,etc.
★The use of the unit should work out corresponding management and maintenance rule.including daily check and annual check. If find any problems during check,it should stop use immediately. And inform the distributor to restore it .
★When the equipment exceed its safety service life,the use of unit should be responsible for demolition in time.
★Higher-up management department should conduct regular or irregular supervision and inspection.
★The bearing、bolt and nut、transmission from the equipment should be handled by regular lubrication to improve its use life.
★it is listed the vulnerable parts of this equipment should be checked regularly. To defective parts,we should replace or restore immediately.