Hanging hollow plastic turnover chair

Electric-hydraulic basketball backstop

    Telescopic seating system is widely used in variety spaces like stadiums , TV studios and all kinds of multifunctional   places with its advantage in space saving.
    You can enjoy all events sitting on the comfortable telescopic stand when it’s pulled and extended in a shape of steps.
    When it is closed, you can save a lot of spaces, and carry out other activities.
    Our telescopic stand is driven by manual and electric ,with the great structure design ,beautiful style, reliable safety measures and accurate locations.
    Easy operation , convenient maintenance, low noise  are advantages of the telescopic seating system.

    Structures of the telescopic seating system

    1. Accordingly to grandstand dimensions, different types of steel profiles are used.It can be manual or motorized through electric engines working at 380V or 220V or by means of small tractors hooked to the structure.

    2. The load distributor is a device specially created to reduce the concentrated load transmitted to the flooring system. A special spring system allows to the “unloaded” grandstand to “float” over the wheels.

    3. When the grandstand is “loaded” the springs are compressed and the load distributor start working resting over the floor. Detail of the ground fixing system of the last row by means of floor or wall fixing dowels.

    4. Traveling wheel shelf is made of 100mmx50mmx3mm rectangle tube, metal material: Q235A; Pillar is made of  3mm Cold-Roll Steel Sheets and Cold Roll Forming, metal material : Q235A.