Electric-hydraulic basketball backstop

Hanging hollow plastic turnover chair
Mechanically-adjusted basketball backstop

    “Hongkang jian” brand series basketball backstops are produced professionally by hebei hongkang sports equipment co.,ltd. Our products are all abided by the technology standard of fiba consistently. Our company has many year’s advanced manufacturing experience. We use advanced design notion to serve for products’ shape、function and color. Our company adopts advanced mechanical design and new technique in the field of welding to improve our products continuously. Moreover,we can import or make the manufacturing equipments according to the products’ feature by ourselves in order to better perfect a series of our products.
    This base is made by 50×100、100×100、120×80… High quality carbon steel pipe.the thickness is not less than 6mm. The vertical arm is made by 80×100 high quality carbon steel square tube.the thinckness is not less than 6mm. The beam is formed by 150x150x3.5mm high quality carbon steel pipe welded. This product has the feature: widely-used、economical and practical、safe and easy、long lifespan etc;
    Reasonable structure design and unique appearance are of harmony and unity.

    SIZE: 2.2×1.14X0.95X0.49M
    Material: high grade steel
    Padding:100 mm thickness,high grade leather, foam,wood etc
    Size: 1800x1050x12mm or customized
    Material: Certified tempered glass


    Material: Φ18, 20mm special high quality alloy steel
    It has control pannel on the base.Easily electric hydraulic fold
    It can cover all parts of this item,ensure its protection well during delivery
    This item HKF-1001 have approved by FIBA.It meets GRADE 1. can be used for high grade professional competition, training, sports center, community, clubs, universities and schools etc.

    This item all surface treatment  is done automatically on automatic spraying line.No extra man-made influence.In this way ,It can guarantee no rust on surface within 5 years.

    It is approved by FIBA.Safety is its sign.

    For this HKF-1001 power-pump hydraulic basketball backstop, we have installed the main body before leaving factory. It only needs to install the backboard after opening the outer packing.firstly,put basketball backstop in a right place,then add counter weight not less than 650kgs.; use m10x30 pull-up cup head bolt to connect backboard handle with backboard; use m10x90 outer hexagon bolt、m12 outer hexagon nut、flat washer and spring washer to connect with backboard and hoop; use upper link、anchor ear、m12x25 outer hexagon bolt、m10x30 bolt to connect backboard with main body.

    1.for backstop ‘s height,we can adjust the base ‘s foot to get to ensure the distance between hoop’s top edge and ground equal 3050mm.
    2.we can go to adjust the upper link to get the verticality between backboard and ground.
    3.we can go to adjust the movable head part to get the levelness of hoop.

    Basketball backstop equips wireless control system,power-on , then press” outstretch  arm” button on the control panel.the basketball backstop is under lifting state at this moment. To loose the button,the backstop stop lifting immediately. Press “stretch” key ,the backstop retract its foot wheel automatically and stretch to its top position(normal use position); press “down arm” key,the backstop is under decline state,to loose this key,the backstop stop decline immediately. Press”fold”key,the backstop declines to bottom position automatically, and put down the foot wheel . The key “rise wheel”and “decline wheel” can be used for hand control of the foot wheel state. The key “stop” can stop any operation to backstop immediately.(to adjust the foot wheel ,firstly let the wheel contact with the ground ,then adjust).



    This backstop is guaranteed for 3 years for free. It will be charged for accessories after 3 years.


    1. Prohibit electric motor uses frequently.
    2. Prohibit to change main power or power line privately(it should be connected by professionals when debug)
    3. Prohibit to operate under basketball backstop,it would be better operate to leave working area 2 meter.
    4. You should pay more attention to the running state of this backstop while operating. If there are any abnormal sound or unstable, to stop  it immediately.
    5. Prohibit to operate the backstop frequently except normal use
    6. To check the fastening bolt part regularly,if find the bolt to be loose,stop use immediately.
    7. If find abnormal situation,please contact us immediately. You can not use the backstop until the problems are solved.
    8. Cable:use gb 2.5 sqmm copper wire,cable length is less than 10m.if need add the use length of copper wire,you shloud add the diameter of copper wire accordingly.
    9. Prohibit to adjust the circuit and hydraulic device privately. If need indeed, ask for professional’s help.
    10. When use the backstop,it should be locked the bumper tightly; it should loosen and take down the bumper and padding before decline the arm.
    11. This product has professional control panel.you can achieve “rise wheel ”、“rise arm”、”decline wheel ”、”decline arm”、etc functions.
    In addition,we still have a same functions’control remote together.


    ★ The management unit of park 、greenbelt、 square 、 other public places and residential areas should clear the person who will be responsible for the management and maintenance of installed equipment in public places and residential areas.
    ★ when buy equipments by procurement or use of unit,it should conduct risk assessment with the supplier together to ensure the installed equipments to match with management and environment.
    ★Installed equipments should be checked by use of the unit and related manufacturers or distributors together. It can be used when qualified only.
    ★The use of the unit should have trained staff members. The managers shloud have relevant basic common sense and management knowledge,such as : equipment brand、name、function、application scope、service life、correct use way、General mechanical electrical knowledge、related attention and safety warnings,etc.
    ★The use of the unit should work out corresponding management and maintenance rule.including daily check and annual check. If find any problems during check,it should stop use immediately. And inform the distributor to restore it .
    ★When the equipment exceed its safety service life,the use of unit should be responsible for demolition in time.
    ★Higher-up management department should conduct regular or irregular supervision and inspection.
    ★The bearing、bolt and nut、transmission from the equipment should be handled by regular lubrication to improve its use life.
    ★it is listed the vulnerable parts of this equipment should be checked regularly. To defective parts,we should replace or restore immediately.