Hongkang’s advantage tennis court fencing system

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Hongkang’s advantage tennis court fencing system

Hongkang's advantage tennis court fencing system

Hongkang’s advantage tennis court fencing system is capable of withstanding heavy use while allowing easy viewing of the on court action. The use of chain-link fencing for tennis courts is a classic example of how lowest cost does not equal best value. Easily cut with pliers, people gain access out of hours by snipping the fence, encouraging inappropriate use of the courts and making them an eyesore. Chain-link also deforms quickly especially when people lean against it in between play.

Why choose Hongkang tennis court fencing?
Hongkang’s Advantage Tennis court fencing system uses a 42.85mm x 200mm twin wire mesh, resulting in an extremely durable court perimeter and enhancing the area in which it is situated. The 42.85mm x 200mm mesh also means that there is no chance of the ball passing through the fence, a problem that can occur behind the serving line with more common 50mm x 200mm mesh.

The twin horizontal wires mean that the court will also be suitable for high impact sports like five a side football. Fixings every 200mm and rubber inserts at each fixing virtually eliminate rattle during play. A clamp bar covering the panel ends ensures a safe playing surface with no sharp edges.

Tennis court fencing with Super Rebound?
Using our in-house manufacturing capability, Hongkang are now able to offer Advantage Tennis mesh with Super Rebound and/or Hockey Mesh at the bottom of the panel. This manufacturing technique enables us to produce 3 types of mesh in a single panel of up to 6 metres in height. This ensures that there are no fence breaks for potential injuries or finger traps and also maintains a neat and tidy look to the fencing.

The advantage of supplying tennis court fencing with additional mesh options ensure that the tennis court can potentially also be used for other sports (such as football, hockey, basketball and netball), maximising court usage and return of investment for the end client.

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