assembly type mesh cage

frame type mesh cage
Hand shake Digital Display pole vault uprights /pole-vault stand
assembly type mesh cage

assembly type mesh cage

Features: Fence frame + integral drawing mode; sturdy and durable structure, good overall effect, high cost performance

Drill 40cm into the concrete floor and pour the fast-condensing cement directly into the hole.

The skeleton of the purse seine connects the column and the cross tube into a whole through special fittings such as tee and cross, and is fixed by the hexagonal bolts, and is combined with three kinds of anti-loose to ensure long-term safety.

Seine fixed method:
After the skeleton of the fence is built, the whole net is stretched on the site and fixed on the column and cross tube of the skeleton with flat iron.

Lighting system: The lamp post can be independent and integrated with the purse net to enhance the integrity of the purse. The height of the lamp post is 6 meters. 6 sets of special lamps for outdoor sports stadiums are used, each set is 1000W, and the whole field power is 6000W.

Entrance and exit specifications: equipped with two double-open frame doors of 1.4 m * 2 m

Processing technology: All parts are cut, shot blasting, sanding and other processes are completed in the factory with high standards, with excellent weather resistance and texture stability.

Paint process: It adopts solid powder electrostatic spraying process, the color is dark green, the paint film is firm, and the color remains unchanged for eight years.

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